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"Visions of an Island"


Thank you Patricia De Alwis for sending me this amazing video on Sri Lanka



"Visions of an Island" is an autobiographical account of Sir Christopher Ondaatje' romance with Sri Lanka drawing on several of his books.

Sir Christopher is writer in residence from 28 March till 14 April 2011, he was born in Ceylon, educated in London and immigrated to Canada in 1956. He has worked at several magazines and newspapers, and in 1967 founded the Pagurian Press, which eventually became the enormously successful Pagurian Corporation. In 1988 he sold all his business interests and returned to the literary world.

He is the author of seven books including the best-selling Burton biographies "Sindh Revisited" and "Journey to the Source of the Nile". He was a member of Canada's 1964 Olympic bobsled team, is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and a Trustee of the National Portrait Gallery. He lives in London, England.



You can’t get any better…….classic Sri Lankan at it’s best



The following on You Tube is an excellent film (45min), based on the book (“The Man-Eater of Punani”) written by Canadian,

Sri Lankan ,Sir Christopher Ondaatje the philanthropist, businessman and brother of Michael Ondaatje.

The film is entitled “Visions of an Island”. It relates a visit he made back to Ceylon, where he was born, after some 43years of having been


For many of us, it will bring back many happy memories of the island many of us were born in.!





The most beautiful island in the world -Videos

Beautiful Jaffna


World Heritage Sites in Sri Lanka

Ancient City of PolonnaruvaSacred City of Anuradhapura Ancient City of Sigiriya Golden Temple of Dambulla Sinharaja Forest Reserve Sacred City of Kandy Old Town of Galle and its fortificationsCentral Highlands of Sri Lanka Read more

Ranmasu Uyana - Royal Park - History of sri lanka

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National Parks of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka - Yala Safari Above image source-www.lakdasun.org/index1.htm

Pan Around Pigeon Island (Trincomalee)

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Great documentary about the wildlife of Sri Lanka and the Veddas. Video

Season of the Spirit Bear - (6 parts)

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Village Life Sri Lanka

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Beautiful water falls of Sri lanka (Photo-Palitha Udayasiri)

I am a little light that is brighter than any other light.A light which will shine forever.A light that lights up a life time.I AM SRI LANKA      

Sri Lanka Beyond Beaches

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Sri Lanka Roots of Paradise 1- 5

Above photo-Palitha Udayasiri


Above photo-Palitha Udayasiri


Above photo-Palitha Udayasiri