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Wedding dreams turned to reality


If you’re one of those people who forever dream about their ideal wedding and have no way of executing it in a cost-effective manner, then don’t fear because Event Planner is here! Having a dream wedding might be just as we think of it but with careful planning and a tailor-made package to perfection, one can have a memorable wedding.

Speaking to the Sunday Observer magazine about the ideal wedding was Event Planner director Pradeep Dodampahala who has many creative ideas pertaining to a wonderful wedding. “We can offer a good theme to your dream wedding and see where there can be cost-efffective methods to be within your budget but also to be creative and implement good ideas.”

In keeping with religious wedding tradition and rituals, Pradeep has great respect for such things. “We can cater to anyone’s special needs because even the typical Muslim wedding can be planned as a Moghul theme wedding complete with a Taj Mahal as the back drop,” he said. He added, “We can make it according to your culture and tradition.

From any religion, ethnicity or just if you like a certain atmosphere to be created on your wedding day, we can formulate the perfect plan.” Hence, the thematic weddings that have a Moghul theme to the traditional Kandyan and Western ideals can be catered in a simplistic fashion. “A wedding is the day for the bride to shine and it is important that she gets the centre of attention,” he said. Plus, there are various conversations that will be done with all families to see if there is common understanding if the couples from different religions marry.

“We should be careful in doing certain rituals or serving certain food if it comes to the couples being of mixed religions. So we carefully plan and talk to every party involved in the wedding to settle any problems,” he said. Pradeep has a good and reliable fleet of caterers, florists and other wedding essential suppliers. “Often you don’t have to go to the renowned names if you can’t afford a reputed expert for your wedding. Event Planner will sort it out to give you the best value for money and we will help you find anybody with the nearest expert skill to help you out at a reasonable rate,” said Pradeep who has an extensive and good database of suppliers.

He even suggests outdoor theme weddings to cut costs if one finds it difficult to pay for a grand five-star hotel wedding. “Sometimes an outdoor wedding is simpler, cheaper, easier and the photographs turn out great rather than going to town to outdo other people’s weddings by doing something innovative,” said Pradeep.

Pradeep, a veteran in the hospitality sector and a creative person with an eye for art, also mentioned that it is the little details that go into making a stunning and well-organised wedding. “I have a co-founder who works along side with me and he is Sumith Matharage, Sri Lanka’s IT gold medalist in 2006 who also runs the website,” said Pradeep.

In addition to this, Event Planner doesn’t only do weddings but organising events and gatherings including funerals. “We can understand how stressed out people can be when they lose a loved one and they are not in the best frame of mind to think let alone organise a funeral. We chip in to help and it can actually be a relief for them to let someone else take care of the main organisation while they attend to the more important aspects,” he said. So plan your event to perfection with Event Planner!



Wedding In Sri Lanka



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It is a celebration and joyous day of the couple and their Families as of all over the world.They saved a lot of money to make the visitors happy and the Sinhala Buddhist wedding ceremony a successful memorable event.

In the Sinhala Buddhist
wedding "Nekath" the auspicious Time is very important.This is Calculated according to the Bride's and Bride Groom's Time of Birth. And the day is selected. On the day of the wedding "Poruwa" a wood made Stage, which is decorated with flowers, ornaments and kept in the Wedding Hall, is the place where the - Poruwa Siritha - the Sinhala Buddhist marriage takes place.

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Dream Weddings In Dream Destination Sri Lanka

By: Pushpitha Wijesinghe
Tipped as one of the globes top three destinations to tie the knot in, Sri Lanka is a destination that is the stuff of dreams to the worlds engaged couples. With its sun kissed beaches, verdant landscapes, mystic riverbeds and sprawling tea plantations, the island paradise of Sri Lanka finds few parallels. The popular choice of couples who wish to enter into their union in a stunning setting full of culture and tradition, the sheer variety of wedding venues, themes and customs also adds to the countrys appeal as a top destination for nuptials.

Those who wish to say I do in a truly original manner should opt for a traditional Sri Lankan wedding which encompasses all the pomp and pageantry of a royal ceremony. Decked in gold or silver jewellery in an elegantly draped sari or osari brides can expect to see the groom arrive atop an elaborately decorated elephant for the ceremony that takes place on a poruwa (stage). Accompanied by the infectious rhythm of drums and Kandyan dancers the couple can take their vows in a ceremony that involves centuries old traditions of exchanging betel leaves, spiritual blessings from the heavens and the promise to remain together for all eternity. The sound of conch shells, wedding songs and feeding milk rice to one another are focal points in the ceremony that culminates in the couple setting off on their honeymoon on an elephant.
Whether one opts for a traditional wedding or an intimate and private affair, the variety of wedding venues available on the island also contributes to its overall popularity. Couples can take their vows on the shoes of a crystal blue ocean, while riding on a riverboat down one of Sri Lankas many lakes and rivers or even go for a jungle themed wedding and marry amidst nature. Tying the knot on board a hot air balloon is another preferred option while the countrys innumerable tea plantations have also served as the panoramic setting for many a wedding.
Complemented by traditional touches, scrumptious Sri Lankan cuisine and the sunny weather conditions enjoyed all year long, couples also have the choice of hosting their wedding and spending their honeymoon in one dream destination.

Couples in search of luxury Sri Lanka hotels should look no further than the elegant rests of the John Keells Hotels Group. A reputed name in the Sri Lanka travel and hospitality industry, travellers would be hard pressed to find a finer accommodation provider in this charming island nation.

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