Lakdasun Trips-Discover,Explore,And Conserve The Natural Beauty Of Sri Lanka

Lakdasun Trips-Discover,Explore,And Conserve The Natural Beauty Of Sri Lanka


Exploring the living in Kanneliya Man & Biosphere Reserve

We started form Hikkaduwa at about 5.30 in the morning. The crew was two in my motor bike. We turned into Udugama Road from Galle and Stopped at Nakiyadeniya to have the breakfast.
The weather was quite nice and cool after a huge rain last night. After traveling about 30km we were able to reach Udugama Town. Then we traveled about 2km along Neluwa road we reached to the entrance of Kanneliya reserve.

Camping At Nilgala

August 2010 was a super holiday for me. The very first day of the holiday started with a camping trip to Kumana. It was followed by a visit to the Jaffna Peninsula and a stay at Dehi Gaha Ela in Dambulla. This camping trip to Nilgala was going to be the last before school re-opens. We reached the Nilgala NP by late afternoon and straight away went to ‘Mahadrowwa‘ camping site. It was a nice place by the side of Gal Oya. We unloaded all what we had taken and pitched our tents. Oh! Yes, we had a bath in the river too. It was a nice and safe place to bathe.

Journey from Wellawaya to Kaltota through the forgotten part of the A4 route

We had to travel few kilometers towards Tanamalwila and another few on a sub route to reach Budhuruwagala, where a series of giant statues carved embossing partly on a huge rock. The main was a statue of Lord Budhdha in “Abaya Mudra” said to be 43ft in height. Statues of “Avalokitheshwara” & “Manju Sri” Bodhi-Sathwa(s) and Goddess “Thara” had been identified among the rest. As per the view of archeologists, all the statues were belonged to Mahayana tradition in 8th century.

Journey to Kataragama through the shortest route from Colombo

Our first travel location of the journey was not so far from Amitirigala. It was the tomb of the King Seethawaka Rajasinghe, located 2km before Talduwa.
At Talduwa itself, we met our second travel location of the day. It was the Berendi kovil. To reach there we had to travel nearly 100m along a narrow road, starting from Talduwa. The kovil was identified as the only evidence of rock buildings remaining in Kotte era.

Sinharaja by South-East

Just to get away from our hectic work pattern, me and a few of my colleagues try to utilize every opportunity that comes by, by going out of the city. Every time, we try to select a place that fulfills our passion of being close to nature, which not only gives us plenty of fresh breath but also goes easy on the wallet. So it was Sinharaja this time.

Holiday at ‘BACK OF BEYOND – DEHI GAHA ELA’ – Dambulla

Although it was a 3 day trip arranged by ‘Lakdasun’, for me it was much more than that as we were invited to stay at ‘Back of Beyond – DEHI GAHA ELA’ in Dambulla, a couple of days more by Uncle Yohan.
I had seen photographs of this place and I knew it was going to be a fantastic holiday. I was so excited about it.

Trip to Sinharaja Via Pitadeniya to see the hidden waterfalls of Sinharaja in Deniyaya

We started form the Galle at about 5.00 in the morning. The crew was eight in a hired high roof Dolphin van.
The first stop of us was a beautiful waterfall called Ethamala ella situated near by Morawaka town.
You have to turn right 1km before the town and have to travel along NilElla estate about 1.5km. Our next stop at Hathmale ella near by Pallegama city.

3 Day trip to Passikudah, Batticaloa

First night we were planning to stay in Kandy at Deepals bungalow and since it was perahara season getting out of Colombo were deficit with lots of traffic heading towards Kandy and we ook a quick decision to proceed via Jaela/minuwangoda/Giriulla/Kurunagala/Katugasthota/Kandy, drive was superb with very little traffic (route slightly longer than Colombo kandy main road 20Km longer) Good road network, you wont feel the drive.

Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage – An ideal one day trip for kiddies vacation

Thusitha asked me to park the vehicle at a suitable place for the brake-fast, having observing my eyes were locating the face (dial) of the wrist watch. We were going on a trip with Thusith’s family; since it was the August vacation for kids. In the next moment we were under a tree near the construction site of proposed Zoo at Pinnawala. At that point; we had almost reached the first travel location of the journey, the elephant orphanage at Pinnawala.

My first visit to the Jaffna Peninsula

My mother was going to Jaffna for work. As it was my school holidays my father and I also decided to joined her. It was going to be my very first visit to the Jaffna Peninsula. My parents said that it was not going to be a site seeing visit but, only a visit for me to see what the Peninsula looks like.

Horton Plains to Bambarakanda on foot – a never-to-miss experience for a Hiker

We started at Peradeniya at 5.00 am and reached the trail head, which was about 9 km from the Visitor Centre at Horton Plains towards Ohiya, at 11.00 am. I know six hours to do a distance that was just a little over 100 km was totally unacceptable considering the facts our hired van was so… good, the driver was so… cool, road was so… private, and what was more, we all wanted to get to the trail head as early as possible.

Explore the beauty of Pulmoddai and Arisimalai Beaches

I started the journey from Colombo at mid night and arrived at Trincomalee at 6.30am in the following morning. At 8.00am there was a bus to Pulmoddai and I got in to that bus. After three hours I got down at Pulmoddai town. On the way I saw three great bridges that were newly constructed (Irrakkandi, Kuchchaveli and Yaan oya). I was unable to photograph those because the bus was fully crowded.