Star Gate Of Sri Lanka-Did we communicate with aliens?





It is believed that in certain (a very few) places of the world, there are some kind of strange creations that were once used as interfaces between humans and some intelligent species from outer species. Two of these so-called "Stargates" are said to be in Egypt and Peru. Surprisingly, a third exists in Sri Lanka, though many people don't seem to be aware.

This is located at Ranmasu Uyana, in Anuradhapura.

It is very easy to find when you go to Isurumuni Temple or Thisa Weva. When you walk some hundred feet along the tank bund, you can find Ranmasu Uyana. There, behind the two ponds, carved at the back of a rock, there is this map-like thing called "Stargate".

This is a very interesting place that arouses your curiosity. So all those who are interested, go and see this yourself and try to explore the secrets behind. At the same time, if you have any information, please share so that more and more people will come to know the importance of this place.
Thank you Mr Thilak Seneviratne for giving me insight of this amazing wonder.The Site of the Sakwala Chakraya on the bund of Tisavewa.I am also thankful to you for sharing your meditation experience in front of this ancient "map of the world"-perhaps the oldest in existence is of quite extraordinary interest.Unfortunately I could not visit this amazing place.However I surely will next time
Susil Ratnayake