Ratata Sewana

Ratata Sewana
Ratata Sewana was formed in June 2009 by a group of independent volunteers. We are working to advocate raising awareness of problems and solutions for the downtrodden people of Sri Lanka who has been deeply traumatised by the 25 year long insurgency.

The Civil War in Sri Lanka which ended in May 2009 have caused untold suffering for hundreds of thousands of people and have kept them locked in a vicious cycle of poverty.

These forgotten people of Sri Lanka have been oppressed and persecuted and over the cause of time neglected as they have been out of sight of the world's media.

For this reason we emphasise on advocacy. By working together for greater impact on the local communities of Sri Lanka, Ratata Sewana hopes to bring relief and serve all people regardless of race, religion, ethnicity or gender ensuring that they can improve their lives and livelihoods.

Lets do something for less fortunates

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Have you ever felt the need to help others less fortunate than yourself? Some people see helping as a moral duty, some do it to secure good Karma.Some get that most beautiful feeling with in themselves. Regardless of motivations, volunteering  is a great way to put a little love back into the world.Make a difference in those wonderful kid's life.Give them a HOPE,a better future,Put a SMILE in their faces.Lets show those kids that we CARE.They are close to our hearts

The children in Sri Lanka have the biggest smiles They will melt your heart the moment you meet them. They have an enthusiasm for life,HOPE as everyone else in this world
Let's all make a point of helping those less fortunate than ourselves