Our Holiday In Beautiful Sri Lanka -Written by Nalinda Harsha

Our Holiday In Beautiful Sri Lanka 1


Written by Nalinda Harsha



While on travel, I like visiting lot of heritage sites, temples and ruins where I get to dig up history, culture and way of life. From every destination what I take away I would like to share with you all.



While on  holiday in the small island Sri Lanka in 2007, I visited few amazing temples that I would like share my experience. This temple in particularly caught my eye. Set high up on a mountain close to the second biggest capital in the island ‘Kandy’ was this small temple. What amaze me was how did people managed to build a massive statue of Load Buddha. Getting to the temple is hard, very narrow one lane road taking elbow turns to the top by a car, temple it self is set on a land area of around 250 square meter block.




Enormaty of this monument is beond explanation, which makes it more dominant, high and can be seen from miles away. The statue is overlooking the town of Kandy where majority of the population is Buddhist.
Underneath the stature was the artwork engraved on rock. Bellow is series of images taken at the base of this statue.


Prince Siddhartha was born in India at a place named “Lumbini”, when prince was born, the first steps were put on seven Lotus flowers before becoming to be Lord Buddha later in life. The artworks shows the life of Lord Buddha.




Above artwork show the power of meditation and teaching of Buddhism to monks.
When you up on this mountain, the views are breath taking where you can see the town bellow surrounded by green nature and Kandy river. Bellow is a picture I took showing the view from this amazing temple.


This is one of my favorite places I’ve been to that made a positives impression in my life. I hope this story shared gives you a insight of  this amazing place and how people have gone to great lengths to build this statue and temple overlooking the town for the greater deed of people.





Our Holiday In Beautiful Sri Lanka 2


Written by Nalinda Harsha





Another one of my favorite heritage temples  sited when I was on a holiday in south east Asia island Sri Lanka. Kelani Royal Temple of endless beauty has a very long history that dates back to pre-Christian times. This is a a well known temple for it’s arts that go as far back as 18 hundred’s. Every art work tells a story if it’s own on this walls. The temple is situated 10km from Colombo next to a very famous river ‘Kaleny River’. There is a special peacefulness within this temple for the people who visits to prey and see.  The arts mainly tells the story of how Buddhism came to Sri Lanka  .Above image is is the Tooth relic showing how the Tooth of Load Buddha was brought to Sri Lanka hidden in the hair of Princess it is believed.In 247 B.C Buddhism was brought to Sri Lanka by ‘Arahat Mahinda’.  The artwork painted on this walls carry years and centuries of history. The stone work on the floor it self is hand carved and elegant which is not even attempted in modern world in making or duplicating to that extent.




 When you are walking on the sand and engraved rocks bear feet, the feelings connect with you mind and memories of this walks carves in you. The rining of the bell and sounds of the preyers give a special relaxing to your mind and soul. You must be there to experience the feel that you get when yu in a temple that is surrounded by hundreds of years in history.