Meemure, the new paradise for tourists


The people of Meemure are carefree. They go about their work chaffing, chuckling and grumbling. No malice or hatred in their minds as they are a contented lot living on hard-earned rupees. Poverty has cast its spell on them.

Such is their precious lot. Surrounded by the virgin Knuckles, Meemure lies in the backwoods of Dumbara. Legend has it that prior to the advent of Vijaya, the first king in the island, Meemure had been the abode of the aborigines such as Yakkas. The South West and North East monsoons feed the luxuriant Dumbara valley generously. The satellite villages such as Kaikawela, Kumbukgolla, Dandenikumbura, Udagaldebokka, Alugallena, Vedilunuguhawa and Comet Pass encircle Meemure.