Kaudulla National Park - Get Up Close and Personal With Elephants (Kasun De Silva's Photos - Kaudulla National Park)

Kasun De Silva's Photos - Kaudulla National Park


Written by Pushpitha Wijesinghe


Kaudulla National Park - Get Up Close and Personal With Elephants

Author: Pushpitha Wijesinghe

A Sri Lankan vacation is just not the same without a safari into one of its beautiful national parks which are situated all over the island. Kaudalla National Park is the perfect national park to go to. Recently opened to the public again it is now home to 250 wild elephants which are seen all over the park. It is not possible to not spot one of these massive creatures while driving through its terrains. It is possible to get into close proximity with these wonderful, majestic creatures. In addition it is also an important bird area so bird lovers can enjoy all the rare species of birds that visit the ancient Kaudalla Tank. The tank is the best place to see fish, reptiles such as crocodiles as well as elephants that come to bathe and feed around the tank.

In addition to the elephants, driving around the muddy roads you can also come across other forms of wildlife that are a familiar sight in Sri Lankan jungles. Watch the Sambar Deer and Axis Deer graze or see Wild Boar burrowing. If you are really lucky you can see the beautiful leopard or the lazy sloth bear. Another important animal is the Gray Slender Loris and Kaudalla National Park was one of the first places it was spotted in. Kaudalla National Park is also the only park to have an albino deer.

The ancient Kaudalla Tank is one location that is not to be missed on the jungle rounds. For the avid wild life photographer this place is a haven. Large water birds like the Spot – billed Pelican visit the tank for its feeding. There are also different types of fresh water fish that inhibit the tank. Freshwater turtles such as the Indian Flap Shelled Turtle and the Indian Black Turtle are the reptiles that you can see. In addition watch the crocodiles slink in the water. Sri Lanka tourism is on the up after the conflict and among the many things to see wildlife in Sri Lanka ranks as one of the top things to do. Visit the Truly Sri Lanka website today to see what this small island offers the discerning traveler.

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