Jaffna kindness warms hearts of crash victims

Jaffna kindness warms hearts of crash victims



Jaffna kindness warms hearts of crash victims



A business trip to the North by five company executives ended in near disaster when their vehicle collided head-on with a lorry near Jaffna town. The injured said the care and concern shown them by Jaffna residents was a great comfort, and helped to reduce their stress and trauma.

One of the victims, T. T. Gunasinghe said that at the time of the accident, a large number of cattle were blocking the road. “A lot of people came to our rescure,” Mr. Gunasinghe said. “They took us in their vehicles to the hospital. My leg was bleeding profusely. I worried about all the blood messing up their vehicles. I wanted to thank them. Unfortunately, language was a barrier.

“I remember someone taking care of my wallet. It was sliding out of my pocket and this thoughtful person thrust it back in. While I was lying on the stretcher, someone placed my mobile phone on my chest. These total strangers were truly wonderful.”

The victims were airlifted to Colombo after receiving emergency treatment at the Jaffna Hospital . “The care given us at the Jaffna Hospital was excellent, but sadly the hospital lacks many facilities. I did not see a single mosquito net in the wards, and the uneven floor made the stretcher ride along the hospital corridors very uncomfortable. This hospital needs better facilities.”

Mr. Gunasinghe, president of the Mahinda College Old Boy’s Association, is recovering after a second round of surgery in Colombo . He said he wants to return to Jaffna as soon as possible. “I want to meet and personally thank all those who helped us,” he said