Hinduism In Sri Lanka

Hinduism In Sri Lanka


Hinduism was brought to Sri Lanka a by successive Tamil kings and their followers during the later part of Anuradhapura period and early part of Polonnaruwa period. Also Sinhala kings like Vijayabahu the 1st and Parakramabahu the 1st too have brought Indian soldiers for wars and provided facilities for them to continue their faith in religion and built even Shiva Devalas (Shrines) for them. Shiva devala 1 & 2 of Polonnaruwa built in 11th Century AD are some of the examples can be seen in ruin today.

Today three Gods are widely seen as all powerful: Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Brahma is regarded as the ultimate source of creation; Shiva also has a creative role alongside his function as destroyer. Vishnu is seen as the preserver or protector of the universe. Out of these three deities Vishnu and Shiva are far more widely represented and have come to be seen as the most powerful and important in the belief of Sri Lankan followers.




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