Hikkaduwa, A Beach Paradise




By: Pushpitha Wijesinghe



Hikkaduwa, one of Sri Lankas famed beach resorts is located in the southern region of the island. Only 14 km from the historic town of Galle, Hikkaduwa is a lively coastal town which has the distinction of containing the first beaches to achieve the status of a major tourist attraction in the country.

The primary activities to be experienced in the environs of Hikkaduwa are diving and snorkeling in the inviting waters bordering the town; these activities are also the most environmentally conscious pastimes to enjoy the tranquil waters and their hidden treasures. Participants will have the pleasure of encountering colourful exotic fish amidst the exquisite coral reefs which create a delightful sight with their multi-layered vividly coloured splendour.


A short distance away from the shore the visitor will find an array of small islets which are in turn encircled by lovely coral reefs. Here you will find rare turtles and a wide variety of fish. For the adventurous diving aficionados there are no less than four or more old shipwrecks to explore.

Hikkaduwa also offers diving stores which provide all manner of equipment and also conduct PADI courses. Hikkaduwa is also recognized as a premier location for avid surfers, attracting board riders from around the globe. Hikkaduwa is safe for swimmers, but water lovers must be aware that there are stronger currents south of the main beachfront of Hikkaduwa. For the less adventurous types there are excursions on glass-bottomed waters, enabling passengers to admire the picturesque waters and their inhabitants first-hand while keeping themselves dry.

The internationally famed resort town has swallowed up a few villages which were on its environs, and today you will find a 4 km expanse of shops, hotels, restaurants and bars. Typical local merchandise can be sampled at the numerous shops vending such items as gems, jewellery, masks, antiques, batiks and other local products. There are also a number of Buddhist temples which are interesting to visit, but the necessary decorum must be maintained here.

A wide variety of dining options are available at Hikkaduwa, from international and western favourites to local fare which is always interesting to sample. Seafood is naturally widely available, but there are many other choices on offer. If you enjoy dancing the night away, Hikkaduwa will provide you with the opportunity to do exactly that.

When selecting, hotels in Hikkaduwa a fine choice is the Coral Gardens Hikkaduwa. This excellent accommodation in the midst of Sri Lanka beaches always satisfies its customers.

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Visit Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka's International Tourists Destination

Published by: Awais Minhass



It is Sri Lanka's most picturesque place. It is the paradise of coral reef. Visitors coming to this place from different parts of the world indulge themselves in different entertainment activities e.g. Scuba Diving
, Go in lush foliage, rice fields and villages or Extensive wildlife and beautiful surroundings or simply watching gorgeous sunset views over paddy fields. Cheap Sri Lanka flights takers come here to enjoy their holiday at world's most picturesque Beaches and the only marine reef in the country. It is a renowned tourist's destination that is located in the Southern Province, about twenty kilometers to the South-West of Galle. Hikkaduwa has proved itself a successful venture for tourism by capturing flights to Sri Lanka fro m far away destinations. Although the area is still populated by exotic fish and sea turtles but fishing is prohibited in this area for the sake of marine life.

Hikkaduwa Beach: Hikkaduwa beaches are one of the world's most famous beaches. These beaches are highly picturesque and arguably most beautiful in Ceylon. It is an ideal place for nature lovers, and they take Sri Lanka flights with Sri Lanka flights to tour this trendy place. It offers visitors a lot according to their preferences and interests e.g. waves for surfers and white pristine beaches for those who want to relax and enjoy Sun and sand. Its natural beauty is enough to stop you here. Swimming and sun bathing are also popular among cheap Sri Lanka flights takers at these sandy beaches. These beaches offer restaurants, bars, shops, and night clubs for a care free stay. These beaches are nice and wide and swimming is popular being safer here. One may celebrate the activities of surfing, diving, snorkeling, fishing or just basking on the beach.

Marine Sanctuary: This sanctuary attracts Sri Lanka flights from varied parts of world for varied reasons. World's famous marine biologists, naturalists, conservators and scientists come here to explore different varieties of corals. This sanctuary has 1.5 km stretch of beach at least 96 kms south west of Colombo. This coral reef has microscopic marine creatures, lobsters, coral fish, five species of angel fish and twelve species of butterfly fish. It is one of the most preferred coral reef destinations
 among holiday makers and other people interested in marine ecology and they frequently take Sri Lanka flights from UK and other worldwide destinations to take some relaxation at this naturally filled area of Sri Lanka. Hikkaduwa is no doubt the best place to admire Sri Lanka's natural beauty

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