Ingredients for the filling:

3 shallots, 2 green chillies, 5 cloves garlic,1 inch of root ginger, curry powder, ground cumin, ground black pepper, salt, lime juice, curry leaves (and Rampe, if you can find it), a tin of Tuna in brine (or Pilchards or salmon in brine) and 2 large potatoes.


Peel and cut potatoes into small segments. Boil together the potatoes, two of the shallots and one green chillie until the potatoes are soft. Mash the lot together. Chop the remaining shallot, chillie, the garlic and the ginger.
Add small quantity (2 tblsp) of oil into a non-stick pan, heat oil and fry the chopped ingredients until slightly brown. Add the mashed potatoes and nearly the whole of the DRAINED fish to the pan (give the liquid and remaining fish to the cat). Add salt, lime juice, pepper, cumin & curry powder. Add the Rampe leaf and curry leaves. Cook the mixture until well cooked and pasty (not too wet) . Taste the mix and add more salt etc to taste.

Take mixture off the heat, remove the curry and rampe leaves (they are only for flavour) and make golf ball sized balls.
The above quantity should do for 16-20 balls. Leave aside.


Ingredients for the dough:
One pound and 10 oz strong white (bread making) flour, half a pint milk, yeast (follow instructions on the packet of yeast), 2 tablsp sugar, 2 tsp salt, 2oz suet, 1 egg lightly beaten, 1 egg yolk for glazing. (optional: half a bottle of whisky)


Rub the suet into the flour, add the sugar, beaten egg and yeast. Gradually add warm milk until dough becomes manageable. Start kneading.

(The kneading is crucial and takes a long time and is hard work: so drink whisky and sing "I Knead you, Honest I Do…!")
When ready the dough is stretchable like Blu-Tac. Place in a bowl and cover with a wet towel. Allow to rise in a warm place until twice the size. Knock back and make into balls (same number as balls of filling). Flatten each ball of dough into a triangular shape, place a ball of filling in the middle and fold the edges to form triangular shaped rolls.
Place on baking tray, glaze with egg yolk and bung in an oven PRE-HEATED to 200Celsius.

Finish whisky.

When the glazing starts to turn brown take the rolls out of the oven.
DON'T OVERBAKE! THE ROLLS HAVE TO BE SOFT. If not consumed immediatly allow to cool and freeze quickly.