Culture and Heritage of Sri Lanka By: Pushpitha Wijesinghe

Culture and Heritage of Sri Lanka

By: Pushpitha Wijesinghe


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Sri Lanka, a small island located just below the Indian subcontinent is an amazing tourist destination offering a variety of things to do and experience. The country with its natural beauty of sun kissed beaches and exciting wildlife is something any tourist would love to experience. However, there’s more to this small island nation, apart from its wonderful nature and wildlife, the country boasts of a proud history spanning over 2500 years.



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The ancient kingdoms in this island nation speak of a rich culture and a heritage with its own arts, crafts and amazing architectural and engineering skills. One of the focal points of the country’s history was the introduction of Buddhism during the 3rd century BC, from which the kingdom developed into a much sophisticated and advanced monarchy with a strong inheritance from Buddhist teachings. Remnants of many architectural wonders that were built by past Sinhala kings still remain to date in their past glory and prestige.


Isurumuniya Vihara, Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka


The country due to its location at a main naval route and its close proximity to the Indian sub continent was affected by threats outside which lead the kingdoms being relocated during the course of time. The Kingdom of Anuradhapura and the Kingdom of Polonnaruwa and lastly the Kingdom of Kandy which succumbed to British rule in 1815 were at their epitome in contributing to the country’s history and heritage.

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Some of the interesting remnants left from these former monarchies rang e from pyramid like Buddhist Stupas soaring in to the skies, magnificent Buddhist sculptures carved out of stone and a fortress built atop a magnificent lion like rock. The country also got its heritage from the colonial periods where parts of the country and eventually the whole country were under several colonial powers. Portuguese, Dutch and British influences from the 1500s have also played a significant impact on the Sri Lankan community as well. Some of the interesting historic attractions from these eras are the 17th century Dutch Fort in Galle, and many Dutch churches and forts in Negombo and Kalpitiya.


Manik Vihara (4th largest Dagoba in Sri Lanka)




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The country which is an exciting melting pot of cultures, has a vast and an exciting array of places to visit and explore. From Catholics, Muslims, Hindus and Buddhist there is a vast amalgamation of various colors and creeds making the country truly an exciting place to visit. Those who plan to spend some time and explore its rich cultural and historic heritage can do so by staying at a Sri Lanka hotel. A renowned hospitality provider,

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