Come Let Us Find Out !!!

Come Let Us Find Out !!!


 Vaishali Parekh





Lets first explore the Cooking Terms and then we will learn more about the Spices We Use. You also need to know the facts about the Food We Eat.






VAISHALI PAREKH an internationally renowned  food writer food service consultant. This site of Vaishali  has been appreciated by many people around the world and has won many awards



Vaishali holds a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and she just loves to cook. Her love for cooking is so great that she  keeps on thinking and innovating.


Her  specialty is nutritious Indian Delicacies which are not high in calories and easy to cook. Even an absolute novice can give my recipes a try.


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So many people started appreciating her cooking skills that she remain flooded  with requests for advice.




This is Vaishali’s work



Vaishali’s  Indian food Recipe website has hundreds of traditional indian food and authentic indian recipe

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Contributed Recipes

In Vaishali’s  own words “You have reached the right place. If you ever thought that cooking was a tough job, today you will know that it is really so much Fun, Easy and Innovative.
Let us begin the journey, and I will hold your hand each and every step. In the process, I too will learn a lot from you, because Learning is a never ending process.



Each and every recipe in this  site is the result of a lot of hard work and research.
Each one is a treasure for me. What do you think? “    


Let us begin the journey (click the link below)