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Elmo Jayawardena was born and educated in Sri Lanka. He left school at 17 and became an aviator at the age of 22. He was Chief Pilot of Air Lanka and an Instructor Captain with Singapore Airlines for 20 years. He is now retired from active flying and lives in Sri Lanka, training pilots for Boeing Co, Sri Lankan Airlines and various aviation organisations.


Elmo is the Founder/President of CandAid Lanka (formerly AFLAC International), a humanitarian organisation working to alleviate poverty. Since its inception in 1994, he has spent almost all his spare time in Sri Lanka heading this organisation. Proceeds from the sale of his books are channeled to the poor. Forbes Global featured Elmo in 1999 for his humanitarian work and Readers Digest honoured Elmo by featuring him as an “Everyday Hero” in 2001.


Whilst flying 747s and running a humanitarian organisation, Elmo carved out enough time to write two award winning novels. Sam’s Story won the Gratiaen Award for the best book in Sri Lanka in 2001 and The Last Kingdom of Sinhalay won the State Literary Award for the best book in Sri Lanka in 2005. His latest book Rainbows in Braille was short listed for the Singapore Literary Prize. .      


 He can be reached at 



“It is better by far to light a solitary candle than to curse the darkness”





Office Address: 21/4 Dharmaratne Avenue, Rawatawatte, Moratuwa, Sri Lanka – Tel/Fax (94-11) 2642526

Established: February 1995
Incorporated as a limited liability company in April 1998 under the Companies Act No. 17 of 1982
Registered as a Non Governmental Organisation under Voluntary Services Organisations (Registration & Supervision) Act No. 31 of 1980 as
amended by Act No. 8 of 1998 of the Ministry of Social Services (Registration No. FL 03701)
Declared as an Approved Charity in Sri Lanka on 12th November 2001 under the Inland Revenue Act No. 38 of 2000
Re-registered under the Companies Act 07 of 2007 (Registration No. GA201)
Name changed and re-registered as CandleAid Lanka under section 8 of the Companies Act No. 7 of 2007 on 24th July 2009
Board of Directors: Capt. Elmo Jayawardena (Founder President/Director), Dayantha de Mel (Vice-president/Treasurer),
Ranapriya Cooray (Vice-president), Ralph Gunawardena (Director), Rajitha Fernando (Director), Himali Senanayake (Director), Dil
Jayawardena (Director/Executive Secretary) and Mevan Jayawardena (Director)
For the purpose of sourcing donors and sponsors, CandleAid has appointed representatives in the following cities:
Wales, London, Eastbourne, Devon, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Vienna, Dubai, Riyadh, Doha, Singapore, Hong Kong, Toronto, Vancouver, Melbourne,
Sydney, Perth, Wellington, Auckland, Bermuda. There are three other representatives in overall charge of Australasia, North America and the
Middle East.
Auditors: B.R. De Silva & Co. Chartered Accountants, 17 Park Avenue, Colombo 5, Sri Lanka
Corporate Secretaries: Corporate Services Ltd., 216 De Saram Place, Colombo 10, Sri Lanka
CandleAid Bank Accounts
A/c Name: “CandleAid Lanka”
Bank: Hatton National Bank, Green Path
Branch, Colombo 7, Sri Lanka.
Swift Code (BSB): HBLILKLX
Account No.: 005010006488 (Sri Lanka Rupee)
A/c Name: “CandleAid Lanka”
Bank: HSBC Pelawatta branch, Sri Lanka
Swift code (BSB): HSBCLKLX
Account No.: 001426352001 (Sri Lanka Rupee)
Finance Manager: Upamali Weligodapola, email:
Student Sponsorships Giving poor children an opportunity in life through education is CandleAid Lanka’s principal charity
programme. School-level students received a monthly disbursement of LKR800 with an additional
donation of LKR1,200 given to primary and secondary students towards their books and other
needs, while university students monthly received LKR1,600.
CandleAid Lanka has so far granted more than 1300 scholarships.
Director: Dil Jayawardena, email:
Chief Coordinator: Vernon de Mel, email:
International Coordinator: Tanuja Rajah, email:
Libraries CandleAid Lanka has set up a hundred libraries in many rural communities offering poor students
access to knowledge through books.
Programme Director: Rajitha Fernando, email:
Family Sponsorships Destitute families with low income are given a monthly basic food supplement valued at LKR 1800.
Nearly 400 families have been assisted to date. The monthly sponsorship is US$18 or LKR 1800.
Chief Coordinator: Cyril Dassanayake, email:
International Coordinator: Savi Spittel, email:




Miles to go before I sleep
look at the photos
   Take a good look
 look at the feet of the children
 red striped socks
 blue rubber slippers
 pink rubber slippers
 no slippers
 dust coated - doesn't it say it all?
 The other picture is the warden of the orphanage
sitting on the rubble of what was once home
 she has an artificial leg - wrong foot in the wrong place in the wrong war
 take another good look - these are faces we should remember
 they are children living in Kilinochchi  (now they have a new building)
 what would they know about Ban Ki-moon?
 What would they know about Diasporas fighting by email
 what do they know about Darusman reports?
 What would they know about who won and who lost?
 All they know is they lost
 they are the children of the conflict
 "peace begins with me"
 That is the first step
 Let's walk the talk
Contact me if you want to "walk"
 Capt Elmo Jayawardena
CandleAid Lanka (formerly AFLAC International)
We are a link between one person's generosity and another person's humanitarian need.
CandAid helps people who suffer from the multiple burdens of poverty. My job is to make the world hear their cries - HELP ME

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