Bible Rock – a landmark on the Colombo- Kandy road-By Arundathie Abeysinghe

'Bible Rock' which is exlusively written for THE LANKAN By Arundathie Abeysinghe



Grand views of craggy, densely wooded hills… Breathtaking scenery… Shrouded in early morning mist… Prominent flat topped Bible Rock also known as Batalegala… Bible Rock is thus called by the westerners because it resembles an open book. 

This fascinating mountain is seen from Kadugannawa pass on the Kandy- Colombo Road,  the same route the British took in 1805, to conquer the Kandyan Kingdom.  Batalegala is shrouded in thick jungle from time immemorial. It is seen to rise up almost vertically making one wonder whether one could really climb it.

Batalegala Kanda is a gift of nature with the panorama of cascading water-falls, luxuriant meadows, intriguing scenery and is shrouded in thick jungle from time immemorial. Today it has been transformed into a Buddhist place of worship.  There is a small temple and one monk lives there.

To the traveler proceeding from Metropolitan Colombo to Kandy, the magnificent spectacle of the rock stands as a colossus dwarfing the surrounding landscape

Batalegala is surrounded by many other mountains which are less prominent; Devanagala Kanda hallowed by the visit of legendary God Alutnuwara deiyo, Kaithankadagale and Urakanda hillocks and Montane Kanda, Wakirigala Kanda and Uthuwankanda from the north.

 A 798m high rock offers a sheer face for those who seek to scale challenging surfaces. Its location in Aranayaka, is an ecologically important area in the central hills