19th Century Ceylon

A Chronological Collection of 19th Century Articles on Ceylon
from the pages of US-Publications. Many copied from originals in British Magazines.
Most have been written by tourists who visited the island of Ceylon

Images of Ceylon: 19th Century Photographs of Ceylon (The Palinda Stephen de Silva Collection)


Charles Scowen 
Queen’s Street, Colombo 

William Louis Henry Skeen 
Chatham Street, Colombo 

Charles Scowen 
Adams Peak 


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    by M. Malte-Brun
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  • Marriage Ceremonies of the Kandians
    Sirr on Ceylon, and the Cingalese
    1850, The International Miscellany of Literature, Art, and Science.
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  • The English in Ceylon
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  • Coffee-Planting in Ceylon
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  • The Sacred Tooth of Buddha
    1873, Appletons' Journal.
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  • Tale of a Tooth
    by Therese Yelverton,
    1873, The Overland Monthly
    Vol. XI, No. 5, 1873, November, pp. 434-439, John H. Carmany, San Francisco.
  • Travel in 1879 Ceylon
    by Andrew Carnegie
    1884, in Round the World pp 145-160.
  • The City of the Sacred Bo-Tree - Anuradhapura
    by James Ricalton,
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