A holiday of a lifetime in Sri Lanka-We loved Sri Lanka – the culture, the beautiful Asian landscapes but particularly Sri Lankan People

Introduction to our Sri Lankan holiday


In November 2008 we travelled for our family holiday to Sri Lanka. There are lots of websites that try and offer holiday truths about holidays to places such as Sri Lanka but in general they're a few snippets such as a holiday review on Trip Advisor or Holiday Truths. However I’ve often wished for a website that told the full holiday truths and was also aimed at holidays with families travelling with children.

Sri Lanka is not one of our normal destinations! Our holiday trips have mainly been to European destinations such as France, Italy and Greece where it would have been useful to tell us the real holiday truths about the places we are visiting. However when we decided to branch out and see different parts of the world with cultures diverse from our own and we started with holiday in Sri Lanka. Having a webite that helped us understand the truth about where we were going on holiday would have been invaluable!

Our Real Life Holiday Truths from Sri Lanka


After returning from our Sri Lankan adventure holiday I decided that sharing our experiences in Sri Lanka might help others planning a similar trip. So welcome to our real life holiday truths.

This is not a guide book. It is not intended to be a comprehensive introduction to Sri Lanka – there really are plenty of these types of guides, we bought 4 for our trip! Guide books are intended to be strictly factual and it is sometimes difficult to really get a sense of the experience on the ground. For example, having read all our guides for Sri Lanka, I had visions of snakes and spider, crawling along the side of the road! In reality the truth is that even though our Sri Lankan holiday really was a family adventure, on our holiday we saw just 2 snakes and one of those was from the side of speeding safari jeep! So this site simply records our Sri Lankan family holiday journey and reflects on what went well and what didn’t. It is entirely our opinion and others may well disagree with us with these but you can decide for yourself if you travel to Sri Lanka.

We loved Sri Lanka – the culture, the beautiful Asian landscapes but particularly Sri Lankan People. We’ve not shied away from promoting the people that helped us during our holiday but this site is our own opinions and is not sponsored by any Sri Lankan holiday company. This holiday was a holiday of a lifetime for us and we really hope you get the same opportunities as we did.


The golden temple of Dambula in Sri Lanka


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