Documentary Films on SriLanka's UNESCO World Heritage Sites and The Best Educational Film Ever Made on Kataragama

Documentary Films on SriLanka's UNESCO World Heritage Sites and The Best Educational Film Ever Made on Kataragama


Greatest DVD series ever made on SriLanka’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites and "The Best Educational Film Ever Made" on Kataragama

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1. Ancient City of Sigiriya
2. Ancient City of Polonnaruwa
3. Old Town of Galle and its Fortification
4. Golden Temple of Dambulla
5. Katharagama


Sigiriya -Abode of the God King


Screenplay/Direction    Christy Shelton Fernando


Producer        Ranjith K .Perera


Script            Kusumsiri Kodituwakku


Consultant       Prof.K.D.Paranavitana


Camera            Lalith Kumara


Editor            Thivanka Udagedara


Music            Kapila Poogalaarachchi           

Sigiriya is an enormous 360 meter high-rock converted to a fortress by the parricidal King Kashyapa I, who reigned for 18 years between 477 and 495 A. D. He cleared the rock summit and built his palace as an abode of God King. Simultaneously, the surrounding lands of the rock transformed into a Royal Pleasure Garden with pools and shallow serpentine streams paved with marble kerbs. Underground channels and cross channels were built to supply water under pressure to fountains operating in a simple principle of gravity and pressure. To have access to the summit at the ground level he built a stair case in the form of a lion and the protective wall on the mid way finished with glistening surface had been used by the visitors to record their graffiti in the form of Sinhala verses. Out of the world famous frescoes similar to those of Ajanta caves in India now survive about twenty one. Considering the entire Sigiriya complex as one unique creation the UNESCO declared World Heritage Site in 1982. The complete story of Sigiriya is visually presented in this documentary.

Running Time 47 Minutes Language English / Sinhala


Polonnaruwa -Mediaeval Capital City


Screenplay/Direction    Christy Shelton Fernando


Producer        Ranjith K .Perera


Script            Dr.Senarath Dissanayake


Consultant       Prof.K.D.Paranavitana


Camera            Lalith Kumara


Editor            Thivanka Udagedara


Music            Dushantha Mahindasiri                  



The glory of Anuradhapura was destroyed by the South Indian invaders, particularly the Cholas, compelling the Sinhala monarchs to establish the capital in a different location Pulatthinagara – modern Polonnaruwa. Unlike Anuradhapura, the monuments are concentrated in close proximity nevertheless in several localities forming clusters of monuments. Each cluster belongs to more or less one single builder. When all the monuments are taken into consideration resembles multiple characteristics. The architectural features, sculptures, paintings and writings on stone have its own identity of Polonnaruwa type influenced not only by Buddhism but also by Hinduism as well. This fabulous garden city of twelfth century is presented in this documentary with all aspects of its importance. The UNESCO declared Polonnaruwa a World Heritage Site in 1982.

Running Time 53 Minutes Language English / Sinhala


Dambulla - Golden Rock Temple


Screenplay/Direction    Christy Shelton Fernando


Producer        Ranjith K .Perera


Script            Kusumsiri Kodituwakku


Consultant       Prof.K.D.Paranavitana


Camera           P.K.Leonard


Editor            Thivanka Udagedara


Music            Dushantha Mahindasiri                 



Dambulla had been a famous cave-dwelling since several centuries before Christ. This overhanging rock located about 120 meters above the surrounding plain said to have had seventy three caves in its cluster. In the eleventh and twelfth centuries Dambulla temple has seen some improvements with royal patronage. The last revival of the present temple complex took place during the reign of King Kirti Sri Rajasinha of Kandy. Several image houses including Dev Raja Vihare, Maha Raja Vihare, Pas Pilima Vihare and Alut Vihare were completed at this revival. The entire cave temple complex has exquisite murals covering 2000 m2 and 161 statues of different figures in various postures resembling a mixture of religious and secular sculptures. This documentary gives a full coverage of all aspects relating to Dambulla Cave Temples which was declared a World Heritage Site in 1991 by the UNESCO.

Running Time 43 Minutes Language English / Sinhala



Galle - Fort City Alive



Screenplay/Direction        Christy Shelton Fernando


Producer                       Ranjith K .Perera


Script/Consultant           Prof.K.D.Paranavitana


Camera                      P.K.Leonard


Editor                        Thivanka Udagedara


Music                      Deshaka Sampath                     



The visitors to Galle since 1406 including Chinese Admiral Cheng He, Arabian traveler Ibn Battuta and subsequently by many others during the last five centuries took the fame of Galle far and wide. The port of Galle situated in a strategic central location straddling the sea lanes of the Indian Ocean was a sanctuary for all who called at it. Galle, then gained reputation not as a city with intense density of inhabitants but also as a rare meeting point of the trans-oceanic monsoon systems providing a gateway to hinterland rich in tropical products and ancient crafts and in short was an emporium of exquisites. The fort site is a rocky promontory selected by the Portuguese in the third decade of the 16th century to construct a Fortress for their defense. After about little over a century, in 1640 they were chased out by the Dutch and possessed it for another one and a half century. The power changed hands again to the British in 1796. They too left in 1948 allowing independent Sri Lanka to administer it. Thus the built environment of Galle resembles multicultural features of all four nations, craftsmanship, solidness and the best preservation encouraged the UNESCO to declare it a World Heritage Site in 1988. This documentary gives you a comprehensive pictorial account covering all about Galle.

Running Time 46 Minutes Language English / Sinhala


Kataragama - The Holy Land for All Faiths



Screenplay/Direction        Christy Shelton Fernando


Producer                       Ranjith K .Perera


Script                             Dr.Aluthwewa Soratha Thero          



Camera                       Janaka Yahampath / Gunathilaka Weerasooriya


Editor                            Thivanka Udagedara                                  


Kataragama a popular pilgrimage destination frequented by adherents of all religions in Sri Lanka. God Skanda is the ruling deity of Kataragama and the main shrine devoted to him. The foremost iconographic features of this god are six faces and twelve arms. The history of the shrine dates back to 2 century BC. The annual procession held in July or August is the main event of the shrine. Kataragama is also one of the sixteen places of highest honour by the Buddhist in Sri Lanka.

Language English / Sinhala & Tamil

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Concept/Screenplay/Creative Direction : Ranjith K. Perera

Design Concept & Audio Visual Editing : Suresh Rangana Weudagedara

Script: Prof. K. D.Paranavitana

Editor: Thivanka Udagedara

Executive Producer: Kumuduni Kulawardhana

Running Time : 67 Minutes Language: English






We have now produced a documentary film “Dambadiva – The Birth Land of the Buddha” concerning all the Buddhist Pilgrimage Shrines in India & Nepal to coincide with the 2600TH SRI SAMBUDDHATHVA JAYANTHI 2011.

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